Wet to dry
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Wet to dry -

Growing up in a working class family meant no fancy dryers. Everything,absolutely everything went out on the two lines in the backyard. For all to see. Not much shame as a kid so no prob for me. So it comes as a shock and disappointment that there are actually some communities in Ontario that have, get this, banned clotheslines. The common refrain is that it's unsightly etc. The subtext of course being that middle/upper income families don't do this, only the proletariat hang on lines and we don't want them living here.

Our first apartment had a washer/dryer as did our first home. A year in and we got a retractable hanger which we use to this day. It's sad that as energy conservation is in the forefront, we can't see the benefits of letting the sun do the work. Free, no pollution,clothes smell great and the uv sterilizes as it dries. People and their hangups...