About Mostly Monochrome

Mongo only pawn in game of life...

I'm a Canadian photojournalist who has ridden the rollercoaster of life enough that I'm semi-jaded but am still in awe of people and the stories they reveal when they open themselves up to strangers. Mostlymonochrome is a patch of space where I'll post stuff that hopefully is unrelated to my job. You'll see images ranging from the mundane to not so mundane. Keeps me out of trouble too.


I'm primarily a black and white shooter when I'm not pushing pixels. I'll use anything that takes film and have photographed with most formats out there. I'll run through 35mm as easily as 8x10 film, whatever works. I'm currently loving shooting with the Leica MP and Mamiya 6 but looking forward to using my Byron 110b Polaroid conversion more.