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and the return walk past the AGO again. not same people.Must be lots of people living in these Beverly St. homes. Rooming house or jammed with students. Same thing I guess.Staying inside where it's nicer. Looking out through who knows how many layers of glass at the AGO.She loves the camera and the camera loves her. But she still did the hand block when the MP came out. Never tire of photographing her. Have a love/hate relationship with rain. On this day, we got along well. Wet pavement at night = good photos          Side street in the nation's capital. Light is nice there. City is great as well. Ottawa that is.Hotel life. Always try for room with two doubles. iPhone NEVER powered down. Ever.Something to look at when dining solo. Love the shade, should have asked where they got it.Probably woulda looked great as chrome. But that's not my thing. Used to be, when light tables ruled. Black and white ain't too shabby. ImoNormally love winter. This year ? Not so much. Dreaming of the French River. Sigh...Not a bell pepper. Not a nautilus shell. Not sexy. Just Shanghai bok choy cleaved down the middle. on 4x5Lucky framing guesstimate with the pinhole. Marten River a few years back. A small laser cut pinhole can kill modern glass. Sometimes.I overuse the word serendipity. A lot. But light leaks kind of seem like that. Hard to replicate eff ups.More Vault : 8x10 pinhole near Leaside. Yup, that's a doll arm there. No idea where the rest went. From The Vault- Large format Pinhole in Kensington Market. Didn't get any stares, very unusual. Guess I'm lucky maybe ?Rare is the person who doesn't stop to thumb type.Art with feet. Handy fence ledge=no kneeling on grimy city sidewalkThe new normality in picture taking.Reading a dead tree edition at Nathan PhillipOne thing I LOVE about the city is the whole utility pole as advertising medium thing. Missed the flick. Seems to be no shortage of puffers in the biz district.This stuff usually happens with Toys and plastic but still...Yes. I can post another photo of a photographer's shadow. Very original you say ?Yep, the wall with 'The Mural' at Berczy Park. Not shooting it. no way no how.Wish she woulda taken her call in another spot, oh say, maybe 7 or so feet closer ?Getting back into the Swedish square love.Canary emptiness. What next ?Locked up bank bike @ FirstCanLakeview diner stool with no lake viewWoman in a leather chair scribbling in a notepad. pre meeting ?Reading the wrong paperStripes and the uniformProbably smoke breakSome random guy emerging onto Dundas Sq....that's allEnd of the line soon. Not too many boxes left.Type 55.Chair woulda been more comfortable. Light however woulda sucked.Industrial strength today. Ticky tacky residential tomorrow.Spaces disappearing fast. Not into the urbex that is pop amongst slingers.Loading dock junk. Since cleaned up. Too bad, had potential.Ok, so someone forgot frames are more secure than rims ?Used to be Toronto Life. Used to be Trailhead. Used to be a couple of things.If you see anything symbolic or deep in this photo, wanna let me know what it is ? thxIt's a bench, some nice light and an empty box. That's all.Hack repair on the 110b looks alright. Can't say much about the photo yanoha ha, the war on cars is over, suure...what's in this photo would be so much better for the city than 4 round rubbers on asphalt.Yep, that old Chinese woman from earlier is still making her way down SpadinaWidey lens on a plastic cam and it's wonderful nasty vignetting.I swear it looks as if some omnipotent presence is pouring some light into the frame. and they know where it's needed, must be a photographerWhen camera backs get popped prematurelyUltra green car. zero emissionsIt's a dog. I know. Still think it's.Semi-fugly.It's a mess of lines. Going this way and that.Looked cleaner when I shot it.Magnets collect fridge junk2 circles surrounded by anglesMoney shotAin't be going nowhere, no howGaping wound in asphalt Not really anti-social, just flipping pagesSlow lightsLight on bricksFragmented shades get no loveTexter, schmexterIt's just a little wetness.FailLaying down fresh tracksWinter about to crackBored at the 'bucksAin't no patio action todayClean, shiny glassDogs have four paws for a reason*light* headedJust a woman walking from right to leftCreepsdetritusRings and cut linesStumpyA post, a chain, some graffitirollin' no longerUsed to be choice seatingGoin' sub.wayHigh priced urban detritusThe other side of the hoardingThe Dome in a nutshellNot like they go anywhere anymore...Where'd he go ?The Hand That SmokesI'm reading, I'm walking, I'm reading...Silhouetted trees ?  Wow, there's an original ideaNot doing much todayOld pic, but it's tomorrow's dinnerMarket LaneSnow, shadow, snow, shadowObserving all that goes onA box among boxesFour on the floorEmpty bench in sunMoving shadowStrip of No ReturnLegal treeFeet and hoofUm, ok, something I never knewLunch with Glennfracking fogMoving lightLeg outThe GardinerZzzzzzzz....Must be a really good story in the paper...Wet to dryWhere cars go during the dayNew asphaltTwo wheel delivery serviceLaneway bbqLooking in or outOne against the Steel Giants who rule the streetsWaiting for things to happenAnother gullPipes and bricksA Few TreesAloeFlying food pinchersFeet and TiresBare tree in the urban core